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Understanding Invasive Species

Do Not Release any aquarium or water garden plants into local lakes and streams. Being a responsible hobbyist extends beyond your aquarium or water garden.

Here's what you can do to help protect your local wetlands and waterways.

Do Not Release any aquarium or water garden plants or fish into ocean environments, local lakes or streams. They may become nuisance invaders crowding out native species and damaging local habitat for fish, birds, insects, and amphibians.

Please Do Your Part to protect our environment. Choose your plants and fish carefully, care for them responsibly, and if needed, dispose of them properly.

What to do with unwanted fish or plants:

  • Trade or give to another aquarist or pond-keeper
  • Donate to a local aquarium, elementary school, or biology department
  • Sell or return to a local aquarium shop dealer

Proper disposal of unwanted plants includes drying, burning, composting or sealing in a plastic bag for disposal in household trash.

Learn to Recognize Commonly-Used Species that are Invasive or Potentially So. will not ship species that are listed by the DNR as Invasive to your state.

Example Restricted Species:


Japanese Trapdoor Snail

Mosquito Fish

Water Hyacinth Water Lettuce Anacharis Plant