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LiveAquaria® Step-by-Step Acclimation & Planting Guides

You’ve invested valuable time and money researching and preparing for your newly acquired aquatic life. Naturally, you want to protect this investment once the specimens arrive at your door. Follow our convenient step-by-step acclimation guide and planting guides to safely and properly introduce your new aquatic life into your aquarium, pond, or water garden.

Why Acclimate?

The reason why acclimation is necessary is simple: the chemical makeup of the water in which the aquatic life is packaged is different from your aquarium water chemistry (i.e. water temperature, pH, and salinity). Aquatic life such as fish, and especially invertebrates (including corals), are very sensitive to even minor changes in water chemistry. The goal of acclimation is to gradually introduce your new aquatic life to the water chemistry found in your aquarium at a controlled rate to avoid distress.

LiveAquaria® recommends employing the Floating Method or the Drip Method of acclimation. Keep in mind, no matter which acclimation method you choose, be sure to take your time and never rush the process.

Please Note

Please Note: Acclimation procedures must be followed for all new arrivals in order to be covered under our 7-Day “Arrive Alive, Stay Alive®” and 30-Day Guarantees.

How to Properly:

Acclimate New Fish, Corals, & Invertebrates to Your Aquarium

Proper acclimation is key to successful introduction of new aquarium arrivals. The Floating Method is undoubtedly the most widely practiced method among hobbyists. However, a more exact method of acclimation provided by the Drip Method is required for fish, corals or invertebrates sensitive to sudden changes in water chemistry.

How to Properly:

Plant Freshwater Aquarium Plants

Adding live plants to your aquarium is one of easiest ways to improve aquarium aesthetics and water quality. Live plants enhance your aquarium's appearance and provide a much more natural environment for its inhabitants. Above all, live plants optimize aquarium water quality by providing additional biological filtration, which helps support overall fish health. Adding aquatic plants to your aquarium is a simple process but keep in mind that different plants require different planting methods in order to thrive.

How to Properly:

Plant Pond or Water Garden Plants

Lush plantings of semiaquatic (marginal or bog plants) and aquatic pond plants effectively improve water quality by utilizing excess nutrients that would normally contribute to poor water quality. Adding aquatic plants to your pond or water garden is a simple process but keep in mind that different plants require different planting methods in order to thrive.

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