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AquaFX Engineering RO Replacement Filters
AquaFX Engineering RO Replacement Filters
AquaFX Engineering RO Replacement Filters
Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!
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*Keep your Dolphin RO & Barracuda RO/DI system in top shape
*Quality replacement filters for AquaFX & other RO & RO/DI units
*Replace filters on schedule to ensure pure water for aquarium use

Replacement filters for AquaFX Engineering 3-Stage Dolphin RO Unit, 4-Stage Barracuda RO/DI and most standard RO and RO/DI units.

50 & 100 GPD Membranes (Stage 3)
TRUE Thin Film Composite (TFC) Reverse Osmosis Membrane from Aqua FX. Dow Chemical Company TFC sheets have been tested as being the best material for membrane applications and are the ONLY membranes used by Aqua FX. 50 GPD is rated for 50 gallons per day and 100 GPD is rated for 100 gallons per day, both with a stabilized salt rejection of 98.6%.

Will fit any standard RO membrane housing, so you can "upgrade" existing RO and RO/DI system with an AquaFX RO membrane.

For Dolphin RO & Barracuda RO/DI Systems.

Reduce Maintenance Time and Improve Aquarium Health
You may think your tap water is perfect because it looks clear, tastes good, and is odor-free. But you cannot see, taste, or smell all of the minerals, bacteria, nutrients, and chemicals present in your water. Unfortunately, these incidental compounds can cause problems in the aquarium, such as excessive algae growth, improper pH levels, and livestock losses. The best way to ensure your water is free from potentially harmful elements is to use a Reverse Osmosis (RO) unit.

How Reverse Osmosis units Work
RO units create purified water by forcing pressurized tap water through a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane only allows very small molecules (such as H2O) to pass through it, effectively removing up to 99% of most water impurities.

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