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*Patented all-natural treatment for aquarium fish fungal infections
*Rapidly treats fungal infections on aquarium fish body and fins
*Safe treatment for delicate freshwater & saltwater aquarium fish

Patented formula derived from Pimenta racemosa (West Indian Bay Tree), rapidly treats aquarium fish fungal infections. API PIMAFIX harnesses the unique antifungal and antibacterial properties of the West Indian Bay Tree for a safe and natural remedy. Quickly treats fungus or cottony growth, mouth and body fungus and reddening of the fins and body as well as internal and external bacterial infections. Broad-spectrum treatment prevents the development of resistant strains of disease-causing organisms.

Safe and effective API PIMAFIX will not discolor water, affect biological filter, or pH during treatment. Will not harm live aquarium plants. Safe for use in freshwater or saltwater aquariums including reef aquariums. 8 oz treats 474 gallons.

To enhance effectiveness against fish diseases, PIMAFIX can be safely used with API MELAFIX to provide the added benefit of quick tissue regeneration and wound healing.

When to use:
PIMAFIX treats

  • Fungus or Cottony Growth
  • Mouth and Body Fungus
  • Reddening or Fin & Body

Use the API Dosing Cap on Bottle. Shake Well.
Remove activated carbon, if possible.
Dose: Add 5ml per 10 US gallons of aquarium water. Dose daily for 7 days. After 7 days, make a 25% water change. Treatment can be continued, if necessary.

Active Ingredient: Pimenta racemosa 1.0%

Not for human consumption or for the treatment of fish intended for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children. For aquarium use only.

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Treatment Chart
Fungal Infection Bacterial Infection Open Wound
Secondary Treatment   PIMAFIX  

Use with API MELAFIX to synergistically treat a broad range of infections. PIMAFIX can be used with all API products, including medications and water conditioners. Laboratory studies proved that PIMAFIX is safe for even the most delicate fish species, including tetras, discus fry and scale-less fish like Clown Loaches. PIMAFIX has been tested and found to be safe in reef aquariums containing invertebrates such as live coral and anemones. Treating with PIMAFIX will not harm the biological filter in freshwater or saltwater aquariums or ponds. PIMAFIX is harmless to live aquarium plants.

API recommends turning off the protein skimmer and UV sterilizer when treating with PIMAFIX. In saltwater aquariums with no filter, a slight haze may form. Make a 25% water change, if necessary.

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