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Marineland® Magnum® Polishing Internal Canister Filter
Marineland® Magnum® Polishing Internal Canister Filter
Marineland® Magnum® Polishing Internal Canister Filter
Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!

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*Internal aquarium canister filter for continuous use or water polishing
*Enjoy powerful 3-stage aquarium filtration or efficient micron filtration
*Achieve crystal clear aquarium water for eye catching display setups

The secret to professional displays with crystal-clear aquarium water! Marineland Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter delivers powerful 3-stage filtration and easily converts to a micron water-polishing filter for a clean and healthy aquatic environment. Compact multistage filter is highly customizable making it a perfect choice for continuous 3-stage filtration or for temporary use as an aquarium water-polishing filter. Filters 290 gallons per hour and recommended for aquariums up to 97 gallons.

Marineland Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter measures approximately 4-3/4" x 3-1/2" x 10" high. Limited 3-year warranty.

Includes 5 oz Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon, RITE SIZE JH Floss Sleeve, Marineland® Micron Cartridge for Magnum Aquarium Canister Filters, and Suction Cup Mounting Bracket.

Advanced Features

  • Dual-Chamber Media Container: Two refillable chambers hold carbon or customizable filter media.
  • Easy Start Up: The submerged motor means quick startup - No priming necessary.
  • No Back Flush: When the motor shuts off, dirt and debris stay in place, keeping the water clean and clear.
  • 2 in 1 Versatility: Easily converts from everyday continuous 3-stage filtration to high efficiency water polishing with the included micron cartridge.

Quick Setup Guide
Setup for Continuous 3-Stage Filtration

  1. Place the Foam Gasket inside the Canister Body and gently shake the Canister Body to properly orient the gasket. Set aside.
  2. Locate the Internal Media Container. If you wish to use alternate filter media than the included carbon, the Media Separator inside the container may be moved or removed entirely to adjust the size of the two internal media chambers. To adjust the Media Separator position, unscrew both lids from the Media Container, and unsnap the two halves of the container. Reposition or remove the Media Separator and snap the halves of the Media Container back together. Screw one lid back onto the Media Container and fill with the desired media. TIP: To avoid spilling the media, only remove one cap from one side of the container at a time.
  3. When using the included Black Diamond Premium Carbon, carefully pour into the Media Container. TIP: To minimize mess, perform this step over a bucket, outside, or over a sink.
  4. Replace the Cap and slide the Rite-Size JH Floss Sleeve over Media Container.
  5. Rinse the filled Media Container under tap water until water runs clear.
  6. Place the Media Canister with the carbon and JH Floss Sleeve in place inside the Canister Body.
  7. Attach the Canister Body to the Motor Assembly by twisting clockwise.

Convert from 3-Stage Filtrations to Water Polishing

  1. If present, remove the Media Canister and Rite-Size JH Floss Sleeve from the Canister Filter Body.
  2. Place the Foam Gasket inside the Canister Body and gently shake the Canister Body to properly orient the Foam Gasket.
  3. Locate the Micron Cartridge and Rigid Core.
  4. Insert the Micron Cartridge into the canister. Insert the Rigid Core into the center of the canister.
  5. Attach the Canister Body to the Motor Assembly by twisting clockwise.
  6. Follow instructions under "Placement" for proper installation in the aquarium.
  7. Allow the Water Polishing Filter to run until the aquarium water has reached desired level of clarity.

Note: Do not plug in until placed in a filled aquarium

  1. Attach the Suction Cup Mounting Bracket to the inside wall of the aquarium.
  2. Slide the Magnum Polishing Internal Filter onto the Mounting Bracket. Do not allow the plug to become submerged or wet. If it becomes wet, dry the plug before proceeding to the next step.
  3. Assemble the Extension Tube and Diverter and ensure the Flow Diverter is positioned ion the desired location. TIP: Water agitation is a key component of fish health. Proper surface agitation allows carbon dioxide to be off-gassed and oxygen to be exchanged from the air to the water. Ripples on the water surface help ensure that the water is oxygenated, contributing to more active fish.
  4. DO NOT plug in your new Magnum Polishing Internal Filter until your aquarium is filled with water. DO NOT operate in a dry aquarium. Maintain water levels to ensure that the filter remains submerged during operation.
  5. Arrange a "Drip Loop." To avoid getting the appliance plug or receptacle wet, position the aquarium to the side of a wall-mounted outlet in order to prevent water from dripping onto the plug or outlet.

Note: To perform routine maintenance on your filter, you should first unplug the filter and remove it from your aquarium.

  1. Cleaning the Micron Cartridge: The Micron Cartridge is dirty when the filter flow rate is significantly reduced. To clean the Micron Cartridge: Thoroughly rinse with tap water under pressure until the Micron Cartridge is clean. If the Micron Cartridge will not come clean, replace it. For uninterrupted operation, use of a second cartridge is recommended to allow for cleaning. Never brush or machine wash the Micron Cartridge, or use other chemical on the cartridge.
  2. Replacing the Rite-Site JH Floss Sleeve: For best results, rinse or replace the floss sleeve monthly.
  3. Replacing the Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon: Replace the carbon monthly, since carbon deactivates with use.
  4. Rinse the strainer to clear any debris.

General Information
Filtration Features

  • Water Polishing: The reusable pleated micron cartridge efficiently removes fine debris, leaving water crystal-clear. The cartridge may be "charged" with diatomaceous earth to further increase efficiency*.
  • Mechanical Filtration: The Rite-Size JH Floss Sleeve traps dirt and debris. For Best results, rinse or replace sleeves monthly.
  • Chemical Filtration: Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon removes odors, discoloration, and water impurities. Replace the carbon monthly, since carbon deactivate with use.
  • Biological Filtration: The unique design of the dual-chamber cartridge media container provides a large surface area of 153 square inches for the growth of Bio-Spira® beneficial bacteria that are responsible for neutralizing ammonia and nitrites.

*Charging the Water Polishing Filter to Increase Efficiency
The Micron Cartridge included with your Magnum Internal Polishing Canister Filter may be used alone, or may be "charged" using diatomaceous earth (diatom powder). Charging the filter allows it to quickly remove very small particles suspended in the aquarium water as the small particles will be more easily captured by the charged Micron Cartridge.

  1. With Micron Cartridge and Internal Micron Rigid Core installed, place the assembled filter in a container (such as a bucket) deep enough to completely submerge the filter.
  2. Fill the container with dechlorinated water. Marineland Aquarium Conditioner may be used as a dechlorinator. Do not use plain tap water as it can harm your fish.
  3. Plug the filter in and add 6 tablespoons of diatom powder to the water. Once the water is clear (Micron cartridge is "charged"), unplug and transfer the filter to the aquarium requiring water polishing, following the installation instructions previously outlined for mounting the filter in the aquarium. Do not use in a dry aquarium.
  4. Allow the filter to run until the aquarium water has reached the desired level of clarity. If additional filtration is provided with a separate filter, the Micron Cartridge may be left in place to continuously polish the water until the Micron Cartridge requires cleaning.

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