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Bio-Balls Biological Media
Bio-Balls Biological Media
Bio-Balls Biological Media
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* Innovative filter media design maximizes biological filtration
* Achieve a healthier aquarium environment using less bio-filter media
* Biological filter media great for fresh or saltwater aquarium filtration systems

Optimize biological filtration in your aquarium system. Versatile, space-saving Bio-Balls efficiently process more harmful organic materials. The secret is their unique, geometric design that dramatically increases surface area to cultivate more beneficial bacteria. One gallon of Bio-Balls has a surface area of approximately 21-1/2 square feet. Safely maintain larger biological loads even in aquariums with relatively smaller filter areas. Place in wet/dry filters to improve biological filtration. Each Bio-Ball measures approximately 1 inch. Use one gallon per 45 to 60 gallons of water.

What is Biological filtration?

Biological filtration is the natural action of bacteria breaking down dangerous ammonia, converting it to nitrite, and then converting nitrite to less toxic nitrate.

What is Biological media?

Biological media is any inert material that houses the beneficial bacteria colonies that break down ammonia. Biological media is normally placed in your filtration system where water is forced through, bringing nutrients and oxygen required by the bacteria to complete the nitrogen cycle.

Does biological filter media need replacement?

No. Removing or replacing the media can severely deplete beneficial bacterial populations. The discoloration or film found on the media indicates healthy growth of the bacteria. However, if the media becomes clogged, you can use aquarium water to gently dislodge some of the material to improve water flow.

What conditions do beneficial bacteria need for proper growth?

Beneficial bacteria thrive in conditions where they receive ammonia or nitrite as a food source, temperatures above 55°F, and plenty of oxygen. Fish waste and decaying food and plants supply the ammonia and water moving over them supplies the oxygen. Once beneficial bacteria are established in your biological media, they are difficult to destroy, except by over-cleaning, using chlorinated water, or using certain medications, such as antibiotics.

What kind of maintenance does biological filter media need?

Check your filter regularly to ensure particles are not clogging the biological filter media and decreasing efficiency. Biological media should not be replaced unless it has become too clogged to function. It can be simply rinsed with pond water to unclog and improve biological filter function. In most cases, it is recommended the filtration system include mechanical media to filter particulate from the water before it reaches the biological media. This will slow buildup and help prevent clogging.

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