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Fluval Bio-Foam
Fluval Bio-Foam
Fluval Bio-Foam
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*2-3/8" thick foam filter media for extra mechanical & biological filtration
*"3-Dimensional" filter foam maximizes Fluval canister filter performance
*Effectively traps small debris while supporting the growth of nitrifying bacteria

Improve the performance of your Fluval multi-stage canister filter with added mechanical and biological filtration. To achieve maximum filter efficiency, Fluval introduces the Bio-Foam. This "3-Dimensional" media features a pore structure that increases surface area for nitrifying bacterial colonization essential for the break down of toxic ammonia and nitrate. Shaped like egg crate foam, the Bio-Foam effectively traps smaller particles and debris for greater mechanical filtration. For use with freshwater or saltwater aquariums.

306/406 Bio-Foam (mfg# A237) includes two smaller Bio-Foam pieces that fit the divided basket of Fluval Multi-Stage Canister Filter 04 Series, Fluval Multi-Stage Canister Filter 05 Series and Fluval Multi-Stage Canister Filter 06 Series (#76986, 87). Each measures approximately 2-3/4" x 4-5/8" x 2-3/8" thick.

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General Guidelines
Filtration always begins with a mechanical stage of waste particle removal as water flows through various foam screens and continues with subsequent biological and chemical stages as it flows through the media in the baskets.

Use mechanical filter media in the first stage of filtration. This helps ensure that the water will be as free of debris as possible when it flows through biological and/or chemical filter media, which require clear water for maximum effectiveness.

Maintenance Frequency
Clean every three months and replace every six months. Note: Media needs replacing at different frequencies. Only change 50% at a time.

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