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28G Nano-Cube WIFI AIO Aquarium
28G Nano-Cube WIFI AIO Aquarium
28G Nano-Cube WIFI AIO Aquarium
Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!
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* WIFI programmable LED Canopy can be controlled with a smart phone
* Included 3-stage filtration system with dual return pumps
* Seamless, curved glass design for spectacular views

Introducing JBJ's next generation Nano-Cube! This all-in-one, 28 gallon cube aquarium boasts an impressive list of features!

This AIO system features WIFI compatibility built directly into the lighting hood, meaning the 40 watt, 3 channel WIFI programmable LED Canopy is controllable through your smart phone. Lighting can be controlled in one of two modes: Manual mode or Smart mode. Manual Mode allows hobbyists to remotely control the lights in real time, while Smart Mode allows for customizable lighting cycles with the built-in timer on 10 different points.

The New 28g NanoCube Wifi system comes with AIO filtration system that is located in the back of the aquarium to allow ample room for reef building. The AIO filtration system includes an integrated center overflow, a designated heater column and a skimmer column. The 28g NanoCube WIFI also comes with a large 3-stage removable filter basket and two independent pumps that can be used with 3rd party accessories to create unique flow patterns. The three stage filtration system features a filter sponge for trapping debris, an activated carbon bag to remove dissolved organics and odor, and a ceramic ring bag for providing internal/external surface area for housing beneficial bacteria. Once filtered and heated, the water is redirected back into the aquarium via the two directional flow nozzles and wavemaker. The dual return pumps along with the wavemaker recreate the natural currents normally associated with reef environments.

The lighter lid allows for easier feeding and retrieval of water samples without needing to remove the entire lid, while the Nano-Cube's signature curved glass design offers a seamless and spectacular panoramic view!

The 28g Nano-Cube Wifi Canopy produces enough PAR to support coral growth.

When all channels of White, Blue and Red are at 100%, PAR is as follows:
3” From the bottom – center of aquarium – 107
6” From the bottom – center of aquarium – 130
3” from the top – center of aquarium – 615


  • 28 Gallon Glass Cube
  • Suitable for salt water inhabitants
  • Crystal Clear Curved Glass
  • Integrated 3 Stage Filtration
  • Removable Transparent Filter Basket
  • “Flip Top” Canopy now with WIFI CONNECTED 3-COLOR LED CANOPY
  • Illumination System - 24 Hour Light Cycle
  • Long Lasting Lamps
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Dual Return Pumps + Wavemaker
  • Dimensions: 17.5 × 22 × 22 in
  • Capacity: 28 gallons
  • 6 month manufacturer's warranty
  • UL Listed – Meets the Most Stringent U.S. Safety Requirements

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