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* Helps keep water clean and clear
* Coal-based carbon filtration media
* Phosphate-free

PURE-Carbon™ from Dr. Tim’s Aquatics is a high-grade bituminous coal-based carbon filtration media that is highly effective in removing impurities from aquariums. Organics, pollutants, and other impurities chemically ‘bond’ to the carbon, leaving your aquarium water clean and clear.

Devoid of phosphates, it is a smart choice to improve water quality in your aquarium.

Directions: Product should be well rinsed with fresh water before use. Place into a filter bag and put filter bag in area of high water flow. For best results, place AFTER good mechanical filtration. Product will last several months depending on aquarium conditions.

Recommended Usage: Use 1 cup (240 ml) of Carbon-PLUS™ for every 100 gallons (380ml) of water.

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