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*High-capacity ammonia binding media that removes heavy metals from marine and freshwater aquaria
* 100% natural aquarium filter media
*Promotes beneficial bacterial action in home aquariums

Zeo-PURE™ is another fantastic must-have for aquarium enthusiasts, both amateur and veteran. Dr. Tim’s Zeo-PURE™ acts as a high-capacity ammonia binding media that makes short work of any heavy metals in your aquariums, be them marine or freshwater. This product being 100% natural contributes to your aquaria remaining as natural a habitat as possible for all specimens living in it. Additionally, Zeo-PURE™ is highly porous, with a large surface area that encourages bacterial action.

For the most efficient application, use 1 cup (240ml) for every 50 gallons of water. Ensure that the product is rinsed well in freshwater prior to being placed in a filter bag, which then should be placed in an area with excellent water flow. Zeo-PURE™ can also be placed inside canister filters, box filters, or other common aquarium filters. This product can be paired with One & Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria for long-term ammonia control.

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