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LiveAquaria® Reel-look Driftwood
LiveAquaria® Reel-look Driftwood
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LiveAquaria® Reel-look Driftwood
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* Resin driftwood with a natural look
*Replicates look of a natural habitat
*For use in freshwater aquariums

Incorporate natural beauty into your freshwater aquarium and create a natural safe haven for your fish and invertebrates with our Reel-look Driftwood piece. Ruggedly beautiful, it will add visual interest and structure to your freshwater world while providing shelter and cover for aquatic inhabitants.

Artificial driftwood eliminates the need for soaking and priming before using in your aquarium and sits on the aquarium bottom. This is an ideal piece of décor to incorporate a realistic-looking element into your freshwater tank.

Size is 14.5” x 6” x 8”

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