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LiveAquaria® Digital Smart Heaters
LiveAquaria® Digital Smart Heaters
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LiveAquaria® Digital Smart Heaters
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*Accurate and easy to use
* Made of shatterproof glass
* High and low temperature warnings

Get help maintaining proper water temperature with a new line of branded aquarium digital heaters from LiveAquaria®. With four different product sizes to choose from, aquarists can select the right LiveAquaria® Digital Smart Heater for their aquarium. Available in 100 watts, 150 watts, 200 watts and 300 watts, they are designed to heat aquarium setups from 10 to 65 gallons.

Easy to use, these digital heaters are strong because they are made with shatterproof 2mm thick quartz glass. These are multi-featured units that have an indicator light to let users know when it is working, an auto shut-off when the desired temperature is reached, and high and low temperature warnings to protect aquatic life.

Safety features include a memory function that retains power settings if the power is lost, and dry run protection that kicks in automatically to shut off the unit in the absence of water.

These digital heaters are an all-around high performing choice for those seeking easy to use aquarium equipment.


  • Safety auto shut-off - Reliably shuts off when set temperature is reached
  • Power off memory function - With memory function in case of power-off, retains previous settings after restart
  • Shockproof silicone protection cap - Prevents the heater from damage during transportation and use
  • Smart digital display with indicator light - Instantly monitor heater operation working status
  • Strong and reliable - Shatterproof 2mm thick quartz glass
  • Efficient and easy - Accurate automatic heating to preset temperature
  • Dry run protection - Automatic shutoff in the absence of water
  • Aquatic life protection - High and low temperature warning to keep your aquatic life safe
  • 6-foot power cord
Heater Wattage Length Ideal for
DSH-100W 100 W 14.89" x 1.58" 10-20 gal
DSH-150W 150 W 14.89" x 1.58" 20-30 gal
DSH-200W 200 W 16.85" x 1.58" 30-40 gal
DSH-300W 300 W 20" x 1.58" 40-65 gal

Set up Guide:

  1. To set the heating temperature, plug the unit into the electrical outlet. The digital temperature display will flash twice to indicate the default temperature, then it will display E1, and keep flashing with the indicator light. If the default temperature is not the temperature you want, press the setting button to get to the desired temperature (between 68°-93° F). After setting the temperature, unplug the heater from the power source.
  2. Install the suction cup assembly.
  3. Place heater into aquarium after it is filled with water. The heater must be fully immersed in water at least up to the minimum water level indicator.
  4. Plug the heater into an electrical outlet after allowing it to acclimate for thirty minutes.

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