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HYDROS Smart Wifi Plug
HYDROS Smart Wifi Plug
HYDROS Smart Wifi Plug
Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!
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* Controllable power outlet designed to quickly expand your CoralVue HYDROS aquarium control system with minimal effort
*Transform any electrical aquarium equipment into a "smart" device that you can control and monitor with your mobile device
* Download the HYDROS app to use your Internet-enabled computer or mobile device to monitor and control plugged devices

Easily transform any electrical aquarium equipment into a "smart" device with the HYDROS Smart WiFi Plug. The HYDROS WiFi Smart Plug provides a simple and economical way to modernize and automate any electrical aquarium equipment. Simply plug the electrical aquarium equipment you want to control into the HYDROS WiFi Smart Plug and download the FREE HYDROS app. Within minutes you'll have your custom ON/OFF schedule up and running without any complicated programming. Use your HYDROS WiFi Smart Plug as a standalone aquarium controller or employ multiple units as part of an extensive HYDROS control platform.

The HYDROS WiFi Smart Plug is a WiFi controllable power outlet with a 98 foot wireless range. The HYDROS WiFi Smart Plug continuously monitors the energy use of whatever that's plugged into it and if the device is not operating normally, an alert can be sent to your mobile device allowing you to take appropriate corrective action. In addition, you can also monitor your HYDROS WiFi Smart Plug. If an outlet fails or loses its WiFi connection, you will be immediately notified via alerts to your mobile device. This safety feature can definitely help prevent a potential tank catastrophe.

HYDROS is engineered, assembled, and supported at CoralVue headquarters in Slidell, Louisiana USA.

Additional HYDROS devices and accessories sold separately.

Please Note: The HYDROS app is required to use your Internet-connected smart mobile device as a controller. The HYDROS app is downloadable via the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

HYDROS Smart Plug Specifications

  • Power: AC 120V
  • Outlets: 1 AC Outlet
  • Total Power Rating: 10A
  • Total USB Power: 2A
  • WiFi Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Max Range: 98ft

General Information Hydros aquarium controllers are the next generation of automated aquarium devices. Rather than relying on each individual device’s brain and programming capacity, the Hydros Control units have their own CPU and control capabilities. Hydros Control devices remove the problem of incompatible ports and need to continually add modules to expand your aquarium’s automation system. This new technology is called the Hydros Sense Port. The Sense Port is an entirely new concept in aquarium monitoring technology. A Sense Port is a generic input port that can accept data from numerous different types of sensors. Drive Ports provide 12-volt power for controlling ATO pumps, cooling fans, and other devices. Hydros is the future of automation!

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